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Sheri GintnerGood Dog! Behavior Training offers

private, in-home dog training in

Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado as well as positive reinforcement based dog obedience and behavior modification classes. Canine Life and Social Skills and American Kennel Club S.T.A.R. Puppy classes are offered monthly. Specialty classes are offered on a rotating basis.


NEW!  My newest class in Fort Collins is Fearful Fido! This class gradually introduces your fearful or shy dog to “scary” things to desensitize your dog and helps your dog respond differently. Also, you learn how to handle fear inducing events that occur outside of class.


What my clients say about Fearful Fido:

“I can see that Chase is improving in his ability to face and cope with situations because of Fearful class.  Chase gets gradual exposure to frightening things and sounds in a controlled environment while I learn ways to help him deal with them and move on. “


“Sheri’s Fearful Fido classes were well organized and addressed general and specific fears of the dogs.  Sheri put everyone at ease with her pleasant personality and sense of humor.  Gradually I saw my own dog and other dogs in the group relax and enjoy the training exercises that were reward based. I am convinced that Fearful Fido was a turning point for my dog.”


Being an animal lover like you, it is important to me that training is fun for the dogs! I believe in training without punishment and I never recommend shock or prong collars for training. As a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant ( with a Master’s of Science in Psychology I understand how dogs learn and can show you how to use rewards for good behavior to eliminate your dog’s problem behaviors.  This work has been my passion for over 20 years!

Call or email me to get your dog on the road to becoming a Good Dog!


 -Sheri Gintner, M.S., CDBC

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