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Sheri GintnerBeing an animal lover like you,

it is important to me that training

is fun for dogs! For that reason I

teach dogs using positive

reinforcement.  Rewarding your dog

for doing the right thing creates an

obedient dog that is happy and can be creative.  Dogs that are trained using punishment are often afraid to make a mistake and training is not fun for them.  I believe in training without punishment and I never recommend shock or prong collars.


As a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant ( with a Master’s of Science in Psychology I understand how dogs learn and can show you how to use rewards for good behavior to eliminate your dog’s problem behaviors.  This work has been my passion for over 20 years!


Good Dog! Behavior Training offers private, in-home dog training in Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado as well as positive reinforcement based dog obedience and behavior modification classes. Family Dog and Good Dogs Out On The Town are offered monthly. Select the Classes tab for specialty classes that are offered on a rotating basis.


Call or email me to get your dog on the road to becoming a Good Dog!


 -Sheri Gintner, M.S., CDBC

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