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Comings and Goings: A Really Reliable Recall and Loose Leash Walking - $80

Tuesday June 20, 27, July 11 and 18, 2017 5:30 – 6:30 PM - $80

Teach your dog to COME when called using “The Really Reliable Recall” program which uses positive reinforcement and results in great recalls even with distractions. Learn to use free shaping and hand targeting to teach your dog to walk calmly on a loose leash on the trails and in town.

During weeks 1 and 2 we will work on leash and on long lines in a wide open space in a park. During weeks 3 and 4 we practice leash walking in a neighborhood or in a business area and we practice COME in a fenced area where the dogs can learn to attend to their owners while experiencing more freedom. This step is critical since many dogs can COME when called in the home but are not so reliable when being called in from the yard or when their leash is inadvertently dropped in public places.

Dogs over 6 months of age are welcome. The most successful participants will have attended puppy or basic obedience class.

This course is offered this SUMMER through the City of Fort Collins Recreator beginning May 4, 2017 Register at Fort Collins Recreator class 307462-01. 

Do you have questions? Call Sheri 970 672 8458