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Good Dog Out on the Town - $80

Get out in Fort Collins and put your dog’s skills to use! The entire class will be there to give you confidence and I will coach you along the way! During weeks 1 and 2 we work in Fort Collins parks to polish up your dog’s attention to you, leash walking and sit-stay behavior. You and your dog will learn to use down as a default behavior for control and calmness. You will learn how to teach your dog to behave when people want to say “Hi!” and how to support your dog when he sees a 6 foot tall monkey on rollerblades playing a guitar in Old Town! During weeks 3 – 6 we will travel to dog-friendly businesses that sell everything from hardware and gardening supplies to coffee and sandwiches. Depending on the groups skill level, we will have a pizza party on the last night of class.

Dogs over 6 months of age are welcome. The most successful participants will have attended puppy or basic obedience class.

This course is offered through the City of Fort Collins Recreator. Register at Course number 307452-01

Do you have questions? Call Sheri 970 672 8458