In-Home Obedience Training and Behavioral Consultations

Monday - Thursday daytime and evenings

Why in-home classes? Busy schedules due to work, kids' activities, and social responsibilities allow you little time to commit to dog training classes. I understand the pressures of modern life and am happy to help by training you and your dog in your home. One-on-one private training is the training you need when you need it.

How do they work? After an initial phone call I will prepare a lesson for you.  While we are together, I will show you how to train your dog and then watch you train so that we are sure you know what to do. I will create a packet of handouts for you that will keep you working and moving your dog forward.  You and your dog keep learning even after I am gone! Before I leave we will schedule your next appointment at a time that works for you.

Sit Stay in the Park

 Totally Customized 3-hour Behavior Course for $270*

This course offers three hours of instruction customized to you, your family and your dog.  The following are just a few of the issues that we could address in three lessons:

  • Fearful behavior and techniques for socializing fearful dogs

  • Chewing, house training and house soiling problems

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Unacceptable leash behavior - pulling and biting

  • Counter surfing and stealing people food

  • Door dashing and coming when called

ALL NEW! In-home behavior series Too Excited!

Described by a  Colorado State University professor as "A total paradigm shift!"
My work with young, super-fit, smart dogs (many who have been recently adopted from shelters) gives me the insight and experience to teach your dog to have impulse control. Each topic is covered in 3 one-hour lessons for $270.*
Too Excited! Crazy Homecomings  Covers essential training and the technology to eliminate barking and jumping. Learn the correct use of the Treat and Train remote reinforcement machine to improve your dog's behavior!
Too Excited! On the Street Changes your dog’s reactivity to people, dogs, squirrels and rabbits during walks.
Too Excited! Nipping during Play Eliminates biting of hands and clothes during play by dogs that should be old enough to know better! 

Puppy Head Start in your home - Pups 9 weeks to 5 months - 3 Lessons for $240*

Puppy playing in the snow

BEFORE puppy kindergarten or socialization classes you and your pup will benefit from lessons in house training, getting your puppy to sleep through the night, and eliminating puppy nipping, jumping and barking for attention. Don’t wait for bad behaviors to become habits! Puppy Head Start is three one-hour lessons filled with behavior training, temperament development, and puppy raising education. This program is designed to benefit puppies between 9 and 20 weeks of age when puppies are easily excited AND easily trained! Walking on leash, coming when called and asking “please” with a sit is a breeze to teach to young pups!

Basic Obedience - Sit, Down, Stay, and Leash Walking

For some dogs, learning at home is 100% easier than learning in a classroom setting. If your dog is distracted by other dogs because he LOVES them or is unable to concentrate around other dogs because he is a bit shy, then you are going to be much more successful initially training at home.  Once your dog has the basics down at home, we can use those basics in your yard, then on the street. I can even bring one of my dogs to your lessons to help your dog learn to concentrate when faced with exciting distractions.  Eventually, your dog will be able to take his skills into a classroom setting and build on the foundation you gave him at home.   3 lessons for $240.*

Behavioral Evaluation and Consultation - 3 hours for $350* 

Some issues are most effectively addressed at home because that is the place where the problems occur. Basic obedience can help with these issues by providing a foundation for your dog. However, some behavior problems require a full history, a management plan, training of foundation behaviors, and systematic reinforcement of incompatible behaviors and desensitization to "triggers" in your home or neighborhood.  If your dog has ever bitten a person or a dog an evaluation and consultation are necessary.

Small dogs need training as much as big dogs