My Philosophy

Dog training should be fun for people and dogs! Training with positive reinforcement and rewards that are motivating for your dog will result in a happy, obedient dog that pays attention to you.

I believe in teaching dogs new behaviors that will compete with the old bad behaviors. By rewarding your dog for new incompatible behaviors such as sit, loose leash walking or carrying a toy and managing your dog’s environment your dog will behave in an acceptable way even in the most challenging situations!

Training with rewards (and avoiding all physical punishment) is the most humane way to train. I believe it is also the best way to train for several reasons:

  • Rewarding good behavior is easy and people of all ages and abilities can do it. Even children!
  • People with limited mobility can reinforce their dogs for behaviors that they like because reinforcement training uses the mind, not muscle.
  • Positive training works quickly - dogs can learn new skills in minutes!
  • Dogs that are trained with rewards are relaxed and energetic- the dog’s unique personality will shine through.
  • Dog training should be play and not work! By identifying what a dog loves he can be rewarded in powerful ways while he learns.

Why hire me?

  • You will learn the 'whys' of dog behavior and the ‘hows’ of obedience.
  • Our lessons will be based on the latest research by top animal behaviorists around the world.
  • I offer you more extensive education, certification and experience than most dog trainers. I help train dog trainers!
  • Your dog will repeat behaviors that result in something good for him! Therefore training will be fun and effective!